Cruz Airo Fuse: 1 bar 106


Integrated aluminium aerodinamyc bars.

Cruz Airo Fuse roof bars have aerodynamic aluminium profiles integrated and merged with the feet, which adapt perfectly to current vehicle designs.
Cruz Airo Fuse bars use low height feet which reduce the total height of the set.
Cruz Airo Fuse bars are meant to be used in combination with the Optiplus FIX assembly kits which include soft rubber embellishments for covering the gap between the feet and the roof of the vehicle achieving an important aesthetic improvement.
Safe, attractive and efficient design remarkable for a better aerodynamic coefficient, an improved wind noise attenuation and fuel consumption reduction (1).
Cruz Airo Fuse bars are characterised by an easy assembly on vehicle's roof and an easy mounting of all kind of accessories on the profile´s upper track.
(1) compared to all other Cruz roof bar systems.

Product with Cruz Extended Warranty

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Data sheet

Length 106 cm
Weight 3.30 Kg
Material Aluminium
Profile 80x29.5 mm
Load capacity Kit C-D-E: 75 Kg
Lockable No (optional)
City Crash Yes


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