CRUZ lanza cuatro nuevos productos para PC.

Starting today, four new Cruz products are available for sale. Please find their details below:

Cruz Rear Cargo – Tow bar multi-purpose platform. Cruz Rear Cargo has been designed to comfortably carry all kind of objects such as suitcases, baby carts, etc. Additional accessories can be added to the platform in order to carry specific loads like bicycles. It can be easily fitted to most of the tow bars by means of a lever. Another remarkable feature is that the Cruz Rear Cargo is tillable thanks to a tilt mechanism by pedal allowing an easy access to the boot. It also includes an anti-theft system and tail lights with an attractive design that fits new vehicle models.

Cruz Rear Cargo bike adaptor – Adaptor to easily turn the Cruz Rear Cargo multi-purpose platform into a bike rack. It stands out for its lightweight design thanks to its aluminium rails for wheels. These rails are movable allowing an easy adaptation to most bikes wheelbases. In addition, wheel straps with quick release are included. By combining the adaptors it is possible to carry up to 3 bikes (940-434 + 940-435).

Cruz Apex – Rear box with elegant design and large load capacity. Cruz Apex is ideal for adding extra loading space easily accessible from the rear side of your vehicle. It is the perfect rear box for easily and comfortably all kind of bulky items such as suitcases, baby carts, etc. Cruz Apex rear box has a modern and elegant design which combined with the textured black finish fits perfectly with the current vehicle designs. Cruz Apex can be easily assembled on the Cruz Rear Cargo multi-purpose platform. The box is equipped with central locking system which acts on two points for greater security. It includes inner straps for a secure fixing of the load. Colour: textured black.

Cruz Optiplus Rail Fix – Cruz also launches as a new product these specific fixations kits for vehicles with integrated railing (flush rail). Cruz Kit Optiplus Rail FIX fixation kits include soft rubber embellishments to cover the gap between the feet and the roof of the vehicle, which means an important aesthetic improvement. 

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