Rute (Córdoba)
CRUZ presents the brand new kayak carrier CRUZ Rafter.
CRUZ presents the brand new kayak carrier CRUZ Rafter. CRUZ Rafter is a kayak carrier for mounting on roof bars. CRUZ Rafter has been designed to provide a comfortable and safe transport of one kayak placed horizontally on the roof of the vehicle. The CRUZ Rafter kayak carrier can now be mounted directly on the T-tracks of the aluminum roof bars thanks to new adapters. In addition,...

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Rute (Córdoba)
CRUZ presented its new products and upcoming launches for 2023 at Automechanika Frankfurt.
CRUZ presented its new products and upcoming launches for 2023 at Automechanika Frankfurt. CRUZ, the Spanish brand of roof bars, roof racks and accessories since 1963, was present at the latest edition of Automechanika Frankfurt, which took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The CRUZ brand, a benchmark in the market for offering transport solutions for both passenger cars and light...

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Rute (Córdoba)
CRUZ presents one of its most expected launches of 2022 for LCV: CRUZ Pipe Carrier
CRUZ Pipe Carrier is an accessory for transporting pipes safely on the roof of the light commercial vehicle. CRUZ Pipe Carrier has been specially designed for professionals to safely and ergonomically transport on their vehicle copper and other material pipes, as well as plastic conduit and other types of long materials. The pipe carrier can be opened at both ends to facilitate...

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Rute (Córdoba)
CRUZ launches CRUZ Lightboard y CRUZ Lightboard Basic.
CRUZ Lightboard is about an elegant license plate holder with rear lights and 7-pin European connection. This license plate support with rear lights has an elegant design, in line with current vehicle model designs. CRUZ Lightboard is required so that the license plate and rear lights remain visible when certain towbar bike carriers or other accessories that can hide them are installed....

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Rute (Córdoba)
CRUZBER stand united in solidarity with Ukraine.
At CRUZBER, we deeply believe in and defend freedom, peace and human rights. We are totally shocked by the senseless situation unleashed in Ukraine and we stand united in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, with all those affected and with those who defend peace. In order to be able to help and materialize our support, we are establishing extraordinary budgets with donations of 1 Euro...

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Rute (Córdoba) 31/01/2022
Outstanding results for CRUZBER, which closes 2021 with global growth of over 30%.
CRUZBER reviews an eventful and challenging year, characterised by the global effects of the pandemic, raw material shortages, logistical difficulties, increase in manufacturing costs and a positive global trend in the markets in relation to the products of the organization. The company approached 2021 fully aware of the high uncertainty present in the markets at all levels. The company knew...

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Rute (Córdoba) 25/01/2022
CRUZ will sponsor BH Templo Cafés, the cycling team led by Carlos Coloma.
CRUZ has taken another step forward in its sponsorship and brand ambassador plan. For the next three seasons the Spanish brand will be sponsoring BH Templo Cafés, the cycling team led by the Olympic medallist Carlos Coloma. As the team communicated in the presentation event last Thursday, the team will be made up of David Valero , Pablo Rodríguez, Rocío García and Natalia Fischer...

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Rute (Córdoba) 24/01/2022
CRUZ becomes new sponsor for the next edition of Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN.
The CRUZ brand along with its ambassador José Antonio Hermida will be present in the next edition of the Andalucia Bike Race by Garmin, which is going to take place from 21st to 26th February 2022. This year, as in 2021, this sporting event will be part of the UCI MTB Marathon Series calendar. This 12th edition consists of 358 Kilometers and 11.156 meters of vertical drop accumulated in...

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Rute (Córdoba) 21/01/2022
CRUZ launches the brand new roof bars for commercial vehicles, CRUZ Cargo Xpro 2022.
Today, CRUZ launches one of its most expected launches for light commercial vehicles sector (LCV) which will undoubtedly become one of the most important for 2022. It is the new CRUZ Cargo Xpro 2022, heavy-duty roof bars with galvanized steel aerodynamic profile for light commercial vehicles. One of the most highlighted feature of these new roof bars lies in their profile : CRUZ Cargo...

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Rute (Córdoba) 18/01/2022
Once again CRUZBER commits itself with FESBAL and donates 2 euros for each Christmas greeting card sent.
One more year, CRUZBER has decided to commits itself with FESBAL (Spanish Federation of Food Bank) to help those people affected by La Palma’s volcanic eruption. “It is hard to imagine a panorama as bleak as the one that has taken place in La Palma. CRUZBER wants to be part of the reconstruction and return to normal life of these people and therefore we focus our efforts on helping them. We...

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Rute (Córdoba) 25/11/2021
CRUZ launches next 1st of December the CRUZ winter campaign – ski carriers at European level
From 1 st December to 28 th February of 2022, all CRUZ ski carriers purchases will be elegible for a prize. The goal of this   campaign   is to promote the sales of the ski and snowboard carriers   range , which includes our latest launch, the   CRUZ   Ski Roof magnetic ski rack. This is a very special   campaign, which will end with a raffle among those users who...

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Rute (Córdoba) 09/11/2021
CRUZ launches its new CRUZ Ski Roof magnetic carrier.
CRUZ launches its new CRUZ Ski Roof magnetic carrier. Last 1st of November, CRUZ launched a new product in the category of skis and snowboards carriers. It is the CRUZ Ski Roof , a ski carrier with magnetic base for fixing it on vehicle’s roof. The new CRUZ Ski Roof is a universal magnetic ski carrier which can carry up to 3 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. The assembling...

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Rute (Córdoba) 2021-07-20
CRUZBER reports first semester results 2021 marked by a significant growth in sales.
The manufacturer of roof bars, roof racks and accessories presents its first semester results 2021. The positive trend noticed during the second semester of 2020 continues throughout the first half of 2021. This period was marked by significant growths in sales but also by the shortage of raw materials, logistical difficulties and a exponential cost increase in both areas....

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Rute (Córdoba) 2021-07-20
Guillermo Ballesteros establishes in CRUZBER as Assistant General Manager
Guillermo Ballesteros setted up last first of july to CRUZBER’s team as Assistant General Manager and will be part of the company’s Executive Board, reporting directly to the General Director Gregorio Cruz. Guillermo will provide CRUZBER more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector and will be supporting and supervising sales, marketing, finance, administration, human resources...

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Rute (Córdoba) 07/05/2021
CRUZ launches its new range of roof boxes, CRUZ Paddock 2021.
CRUZ introduces this week what is likely to be one of the most significant launches for its 2021 Passenger Car’s catalogue. It is about its new range of CRUZ Paddock 2021 roof boxes which comprises CRUZ Paddock and CRUZ Paddock elite. This new range is not just one more range in the product category of CRUZ roof boxes, but it is the first range of roof boxes entirely developed by CRUZ’s Design...

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Rute (Córdoba) 15/04/2021
CRUZBER manages to keep growing in an exceptional year.
CRUZBER, the Spanish manufacturer of roof racks, roof bars and accessories, reports the results of the year 2020. This is a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, economic standstills, extreme demand peaks and the lack of raw material and product due to production shutdowns. Despite all these difficulties, CRUZBER managed to close the year 2020 with a global growth of 1 per cent....

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Rute (Córdoba) 11/03/2021
CRUZ launches the towbar bike carrier for electric bikes CRUZ Pivot eBike 2.
CRUZ launches its own transport system for electric bicycles, an important addition for its portfolio adapted to the latest and most demanded forms of mobility. This is the CRUZ Pivot eBike 2 , for two bicycles, which has been designed with a greater load capacity for carrying electric bikes and all kind of heavyweight bikes. It has an attractive design with an elegant combination of...

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Rute (Córdoba) 23/02/2021
CRUZ anticipates its most highlighted launches for 2021.
Product launches are detailed in the digital catalogue CRUZ launch overview 2021. The Spanish brand of roof bars, roof racks and accessories for vehicles has presented its digital catalogue CRUZ launch overview 2021, which provides information on the most highlighted product launches and updates for 2021. Each of them is briefly detailed below: CRUZ Paddock and CRUZ Paddock limited...

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Rute (Córdoba) 19/02/2021
The two-time Spanish MTB Marathon champion, Natalia Fischer, renews her collaboration agreement with CRUZ.
CRUZ bets in 2021 to continue with the development of #CRUZfamily, its sponsored and ambassadors program. For this reason, Natalia Fischer from Malaga, who has been an ambassador for the CRUZ brand for just over a year, has renewed its continuation.And, despite the adverse situation in the world of sports competitions, the relationship between the company and the cyclist is close and solid....

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Rute (Córdoba) 04/02/2021
CRUZ updates the flagship of its roof boxes, the CRUZ Paddock range.
The new range incorporates many improvements in the product, both in design and functionality.   Undoubtedly, CRUZ Paddock is one of the outstanding products for Passenger Car in the CRUZ catalogue. An exclusive roof box with a sporty and elegant design. The CRUZ Paddock has features that cater for any transport needs. One of the main novelties of this update is the new Quick 100...

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Rute (Córdoba) 20/01/2021
CRUZBER, committed to society
CRUZBER commits itself with FESBAL and donates 2 euros for each Christmas greeting card sent.   As announced in December, CRUZBER wanted to emphasize that human solidarity is now more important than ever in such a complicated year like the one that has just ended. For this reason, it committed itself with FESBAL ( Spanish Federation of Food Banks ) to contribute its bit in order to make...

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Rute (Córdoba) 16/10/2020
CRUZBER takes stock of its accumulated results up to Q3 2020.
CRUZBER takes stock of its accumulated results up to Q3 2020. The Spanish manufacturer of roof bars, roof racks and accessories CRUZBER has reported about its evolution and results until the end of Q3 of 2020. The first quarter was marked by the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the successive and massive confinements in the main markets where the brand is present. During the second and...

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Rute (Córdoba) 24/01/2020
Natalia Fischer, new CRUZ ambassador.
The two-time Spain MTB Marathon champion, Natalia Fischer, becomes a part of the #CruzFamily program. In 2020, CRUZ bets on continuing the development of #CruzFamily, its sponsored and ambassadors’ program. The brand has put its focus on the MTB world, where they already include outstanding ambassadors such as José Antonio Hermida. This time it is a female bet, Natalia Fischer, born in...

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Rute (Córdoba) 23/01/2020
New challenges 2020 – CRUZBER achieves a global increase of 5 points and presents its new challenges for 2020
CRUZBER has succeed in exceeding annual expections set at the beginning of 2019. The Spanish manufacturer of roof racks, roof bars and accessories achieved a global increase in 2019 of more than 5 points in comparison with the previous year. Its international sales showed during 2019 an outstanding 18% increase above 2018 which means 40% of the total turnover. In addition, the number of...

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Rute (Córdoba) 06/08/2019
Cruz presents its new B2B order platform for its distributors of Spanish market
Starting this summer, Cruz brand distributors have a significant advantage when requesting and processing their orders: an online platform located in “Cruz Dealer Area” distributor area of The new B2B platform represents a significant improvement in Cruz's service provided to its distributors: Its main advantages are: > Agility in order processing > Convenience for the...

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Rute (Córdoba) 22/07/2019
Cruz presents the new Cruz Extended Warranty
Cruz is focused on continuous improvement of its products, quality and customer service. For this reason, Cruz presents the the Cruz Extended Warranty, this kind of warranty implies that some new Cruz products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 years from the end of the Cruz warranty, this means three years in total from the date of purchase. The new Cruz...

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Rute (Córdoba) 12/07/2019
Cruz invites you to live the GT3 in the Circuit of Barcelona
Cruz launches the "Vive la GT3" promotion which draws a weekend for two people to enjoy from the inside the final race of the season of the Blancpain Endurance Series GT3. It will take place on September 28 and 29 at the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia, with the collaboration of the Black Falcon competition team. The prize consists of: Accommodation, 2 nights for two people (winner and...

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Rute (Córdoba) 08/07/2019
Cruz launches a special campaign for bikers: Cruz Rear Cargo platform will include the adaptor for 2 bikes as a gift.
Cruz brand launches today an exclusive direct campaign to end customers that will be available until 31th August. One of Cruz latest additions to its portfolio, the Cruz Rear Cargo multi-purpose platform, will be marketed together with the accessory Cruz bike adapter - 2 bikes as a gift. This rear platform allows the installation of adapters for carrying bicycles (2 or 3 bikes), or the Cruz...

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Rute (Córdoba) 10/06/2019
Cruz launches the new Cruz Airo Fuse aerodynamic roof bars
The new Cruz Airo Fuse roof bars are the new proposal from Cruz relating to the market demand for aerodynamic and integrated roof bars. These new roof bars have aerodynamic aluminium profiles integrated and fused with their feet, which adapt perfectly to the current vehicle designs. Cruz Airo Fuse bars’ feet are of low height which reduces the total height of the set. Cruz Airo Fuse bars are...

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Rute (Córdoba) 09/04/2019
Cruz introduces new products in the Bike range: Cruz Race Dark and Cruz Criterium roof bike carriers
Cruz launches today two new products detailed below: Cruz Race Dark – New update for this roof Bike carrier with functional design and an excellent combination of high quality materials. Cruz Race Dark 2019 is easy to assemble both around the bar as well as directly on the aluminium bars’ T-Track. It has a renewed fixing system, clamps for the bike frame have been redesigned to avoid the bike...

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Rute (Córdoba) 14/03/2019
Cruz launches in Motortec 2019 its new roof bars, among other new products.
Cruz is present in the 15th edition of Motortec Automechanica which is taking place in IFEMA (Madrid) between 13th to 16th March and where the brand is introducing its latest innovations in roof racks and accessories such as the new Cruz Apex rear box or the new Cruz Airo Fuse aerodynamics bars. Cruz Airo Fuse – Integrated aluminium aerodynamics bars. Cruz Airo Fuse roof bars have...

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Rute (Córdoba) 15/01/2019
Cruz launches a new multi-purpose platform and new fixation kit
Starting today, four new Cruz products are available for sale. Please find their details below: Cruz Rear Cargo – Tow bar multi-purpose platform. Cruz Rear Cargo has been designed to comfortably carry all kind of objects such as suitcases, baby carts, etc. Additional accessories can be added to the platform in order to carry specific loads like bicycles. It can be easily fitted to most of...

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ue junta andalucia
Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a Través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER para la realización de los proyectos de diagnóstico e implantación de mejoras innovadoras e implantación modelo de estrategia de crecimiento y organización del trabajo, con el objetivo de conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo.