CRUZ Safari A-110


Roof rack module specially designed for 4x4 vehicles.

The Cruz Safari roof rack module is strong and long-lasting, with a large load capacity.
Its design includes rails all around its perimeter and an integrated deflector for a better aerodynamics and safety.
Innovative quick fitting system of the crossbars of the roof racks; these crossbars, together with the new design of the side tubes with open inner rails, improve the assembly time.
Aesthetic improvement over previous models, now with textured finish.
Higher resistance to extreme weather conditions because it is made of galvanized steel.
Compatible with all kinds of Cruz roof bars (by using an adaptor) or directly on the vehicle's roof by using specific Cruz kits (necessary).
Wide variety of specific accessories, compatible with all steel Cruz roof racks and designed to meet the needs of the user of 4x4 vehicles.

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Data sheet

Length 140 cm
Width 110 cm
Waga 16,1 Kg
Materiał Steel
ECE R26 Yes
Crash test Yes
DIN 75302:2019 Yes
ISO/PAS 11154:2006 Yes
Gwarancja 3 lata


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