Cruz Apex 400NT


Rear box with elegant design and large load capacity.

Cruz Apex is perfect for adding extra transport space that you can easily access from the back of your vehicle.
It is the perfect rear box for carrying in a comfortable and simple way all types of bulky objects such as suitcases, baby carts, etc.,
The Cruz Apex rear box counts on a modern and elegant design that, combined with its black textured coating, fits perfectly with the design of current vehicles.
Cruz Apex can be easily assembled on the Cruz Rear Cargo multi-purpose platform.
The box is equipped with central locking which acts on two points for greater security.
It includes interior straps to secure the load.
Colour: textured black.

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Data sheet

Nr referencyjny 940-540
Waga 12.0 Kg
Materiał (pokrywa / dno) ABS/ABS
Pojemność (w litrach) 400
Maks. Obciążenie 75 Kg
Wymiary (dł. / szer. / wys.) w 131/63/70 cm
System mocowania U80
Otwieranie frontal
Belki mocujące Cruz Rear Cargo
Mounting adapter for alu-bars on T-tracks No
System anty-kradzieżowy Yes
City Crash Yes
Gwarancja 3 lata


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